Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What Is the Difference Between Good Bacteria & Bad Bacteria?

The human body encounters both good and bad bacteria daily. Good bacteria live in our digestive system, on our skin and in our mouth. Bad bacteria may get into our body by contaminated food, wounds or environmental pollution. Pathogenic or bad bacteria produce results ranging in severity from food poisoning or toothache to even death. Good bacteria can be used to boost the immune system and protect us from bad bacteria and promote a healthy digestive system. For full article and references please follow link
At EcoSolve we are fascinated by this natural battle of good bacteria against bad bacteria and have made available cleaners and water treatment products with specially selected strains of good bacteria designed to take over areas where bad bacteria can be found and naturally protect us from pathogens on the outside trying to get in and make you sick! With the power of nature all our BactiZyme Bio Options are safe and effective without the need for toxic harsh chemicals. From hard surface cleaners to wet well treatments, to urinal pucks BactiZyme products remove bad smell causing bacteria from the area and keep fighting for you long after application. For more info on EcoSolve`s BactiZyme products and where to buy visit our website    

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Urinal Cake Creek

When a chemical factory that makes toilet bowl cleaner explodes, this is what happens to the creek downstream. 

The chemical company J&J Chemical Co. factory that produces toilet bowl cleaner and other consumer and industrial chemicals burned down in late July 2010. The runoff from the water used to put out the fire made its way into a local creek that runs through Athens, Ga., causing a serious fish kill and dying the entire creek bright blue. Among the chemicals were formaldehyde, methanol, dichlorobenzene, which are all suspected carcinogens.

Trail Creek in Athens, Georgia was contaminated on July 28, 2010, as the result of a fire at J&J Chemical Co.

The Georgia Environmental Protection Division, in a letter dated August 24, 2010, has accepted a Remedial Action Plan regarding the chemical spill at Trail Creek.  The plan, dated August 20, 2010, was prepared for J&J Chemical Co. by HEPACO Inc., the company performing the clean-up from the July 28, 2010 fire and resulting chemical spill.  To read the entire remediation plan, as well as the EPD's acceptance, please see the following link

When ever a big spill effects our waterways we take notice but never think twice that we flush the same chemicals down the drain everyday. No amount of carcinogenic chemicals is good for us or our water systems. That is why EcoSolve Americas Inc has bio options for cleaning, water saving, and waste water treatment. Our range of BactiZyme products is the new revolution of bathroom maintenance now you can use the power of nature to maintain bathrooms, spa and change room areas with Bio Clean. Maintain holding tanks, septic tanks, and wet wells. You can use BactiZyme for any situation where urine is concerned no matter whether its animal or human with safe and effective results. Get more info and where to buy BactiZyme products on our website  

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Over Using Antibacterial Cleaning Products?

Media advertisements press the point that bacteria in the home are harmful and must be eliminated by using any number of the antibacterial or antimicrobial products available. The overuse of antibacterial cleaning products, including disinfectants in the home may be producing strains of multi-antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Bacteria that are resistant to many antibiotics are known as multi-resistant organisms (MROs). Antibacterials such as triclosan can enter the environment and may accumulate in the food chain over time. Causing potential environmental damage to delicate ecosystems. For a list of numerous household products containing antibacterial agents and cleaning products that may contribute to antibiotic resistance please follow the link... Most bacteria actually help humans. For example, intestinal bacteria help us to digest food. The ‘good’ bacteria that naturally live on and inside our bodies help us stay healthy by keeping the numbers of ‘bad’, disease-causing bacteria under control. When you use antibacterial or antimicrobial cleaning products, good bacteria are also killed. This could be harmful if the ratio of good to bad bacteria is disturbed, and bad bacteria get the upper hand. EcoSolve Americas is proud to provide a new Eco-friendly solution to cleaning with BactiZyme Bio-Clean. BactiZyme products use good bacteria that release enzymes which break down and eliminate the source of the smells. These products keep working long after application helping reduce water usage, effectively clean, and control odors without the use of harsh chemicals. BactiZyme Bio-Clean is an environmentally friendly product. The bacteria are naturally occurring and have been selectively grown to enhance their production of specific enzymes. BactiZyme Bio Clean can effectively replace the need for harsh cleaning chemicals in your bathroom like bleach making it the ideal safe cleaning option. BactiZyme will be available for purchase on EcoSolve's new website coming soon!

Friday, May 31, 2013

Saving Water Tips for Businesses

 Every business has different water needs - from a small home-based business to a large manufacturing plant, but almost all could benefit from cutting water consumption. Adopting a systematic approach could cut your water use by up to 30%. Water fittings in commercial multi-occupancy buildings often experience more frequent use than in dwellings, which means that payback times following investment can be excellent. Investment in water recycling schemes is also more viable in business settings than domestic settings.

In commercial situations, major cost savings can be gained through installation of:
  • urinal controls or waterless urinals
  • efficient flush toilets
  • automatic or sensor taps
In addition to cost-savings from decreased water and energy bills, businesses investing in technologies and products that encourage sustainable water use may be eligible for tax savings! For full article follow link EcoSolve Americas knows how important our precious fresh water resources are. That's why we have a hole new product line of water reduction and waste water treatment options. EcoSolve's BactiZyme Bio options are specially selected biological bacteria and enzymes designed and blended to remove/degrade unwanted organic matter, through a process of competitive exclusion. All BactiZyme products are non-toxic, non-caustic, non-corrosive, non-pathogenic, biodegradable and aid in reducing further environmental impact, as well as saving you money. Our top three bio options include Bio Blocks for waste water treatment in wet wells, Bio Pucks for waterless urinal systems, and Bio Clean the effective multi purpose hard and soft surface cleaner for the non-toxic cleaning option. BactiZyme products and further information available soon on our new EcoSolve website. New website launch just around the corner!  

Monday, May 27, 2013

How Bacteria On Your Mop Can Clean!

A new study found cleaning liquids containing good bacteria reduced bad bacteria by 1,000-fold compared with standard chemical cleaning techniques. Results showed a visible improvement in cleanliness. Apparently, the good bacteria continued to digest the dirt once the mop was put away. Instead of using chemicals to eradicate infections, they’re testing good bacteria that ‘eat up’ life-threatening bugs. The principle is similar to that behind pro-biotic drinks and pills, which repopulate the gut with ‘good’ bacteria to kill off disease-causing ‘bad’ bacteria. So can good bacteria clean up and kill the bad the answer is yes! For full article follow link Bio options for cleaning solutions has been ever developing and changing for safe and effective alternatives to chemical cleaning. Harnessing the power of nature with beneficial bacteria is just what EcoSolve Americas has done to provide the ultimate in green cleaning options. Bio Clean is a specialized concentrated biological blend for multi surface cleaning. It effectively combines biodegradable surface surfactants, beneficial bacterial strains and fresh fragrance, which digest organic debris at the source. The bacteria are specially selected strains of bacillus, which produce enzymes to digest organic soilings, greases and malodours. The microbes in Bio Clean effectively penetrate porous surfaces and establish effective self-renewing bio films deep inside inaccessible surfaces. So it keeps cleaning long after you put away the mop! Bio Clean is part of a new BactiZyme line of bio cleaning and waste water treatment options from EcoSolve. BactiZyme is the environmentally friendly option for hard surface cleaners and waste water treatment. You can find it on our new website coming soon!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How Is Good Bacteria Good For You?

We think about bacteria as harmful, disease-causing, invisible creatures. But actually, only a few species are dangerous. The majority of bacteria are good, and without them, life on Earth wouldn't be possible. The most numerous organisms in the soil are bacteria. They are a necessary part of nutrient, or bio geochemical, cycles in which carbon, nitrogen, sulfur and phosphorus are recycled between living beings and the environment. Without these cycles, there would be no exchange of elements that are the backbone of proteins, sugars and fats---there would be no life. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. industries generate 292 million tons of hazardous waste each year, with at least 40 million tons released into the environment. Good Bacteria are now being used to clean up industrial pollution, and sense when toxic substances are present in areas now effectively monitored with special light emitting bacteria. For full article follow link Not only are good bacteria being used for industrial clean up and toxin monitoring they are also being used to treat waste water, reduce water usage in restrooms, and even clean! EcoSolve Americas is a company that takes providing safe products for professionals and consumers very seriously. That's why now EcoSolve Bio Options are being made available on our coming soon new website. Our top three bio products are Bio Blocks for waste water treatment in wet wells. Bio Pucks making urinal water usage and odor problems a thing of the past. And Bio Clean the cleaner that keeps working on hard surfaces for a noticeable difference in appearance and odor after just one week of use! All these products are completely free of harsh chemicals and solvents, safe for you and the environment, and contain good bacteria that work hard so you don't have to! Bio Options from EcoSolve replace the need for toxic chemicals to treat waste water and clean hard surfaces. These products will be available online with the launching of our new website coming soon. To find out more about EcoSolve Americas follow this link We'll keep you posted on our new website launch thanks for reading!   

Friday, March 8, 2013

Bio Cleaning and Water Treatment Technologies with Bacteria

One of the biggest recent developments in bio technologies involving bacteria is the use of natural enzyme cleaners and water treatment systems derived from specially selected strains of bacillus which produce enzymes to digest organic soils, greases and mal-odours. BactiZyme products now available by EcoSolve Americas release enzymes which break down and eliminate the source of the smells. EcoSolve Americas is proud to provide this leading technology in BactiZyme products available soon for purchase on the EcoSolve website Bacteria may be microscopic in size, but they make up for it in sheer number. You have millions of bacteria living on your skin alone, and lots more inside of you! We usually think of bacteria as the harmful germs that make us sick, but the fact is there are lots of other things bacteria do that we couldn't live without. Where would we be without bacteria? Well, we might not be getting bacterial diseases, but we would still be a lot worse off! Bacteria perform all sorts of very important functions, both in our bodies and in the world around us. Read on for some fascinating facts about bacteria: where they live, how they can harm us, and how they can help us.